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  • Balcony Marigolds
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Balcony Marigolds

Living in a New York City hi-rise apartment building doesn’t give you many options for growing a garden. Honestly, I’ve … [Read More...]

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This is why I started my own company!

Last week my family spent an awesome week of vacation in Florida, first in Key West and then on to the real vacation of Grammy taking care of Jack, morning, noon and night! While I had a relaxing week off, I was anxious to get back to work to start new projects and really get […]


Don’t Get Tripped Up on Trip Insurance.

When you make a big purchase such as a car, boat, house, television or jewelry it isn’t unusual to buy insurance to protect it against loss or damage. So why not your vacation? Just like these big ticket items a vacation can be something you’ve saved for years, but what happens when you get sick […]


The Golf Kid!

Sports has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been known to go a little nuts during a good game. I can’t help it. It runs in my family. I’ve had the good fortune to attend big sporting events including: Super Bowls, World Series, Final Four Tournaments, NBA Finals and several playoff, bowl and […]